Emergency comms. Was RE: [aprssig] Igates Are A Fair Weather Solution (was: "Finito")

scott laughlin n7net at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 11:46:04 EDT 2005


I spent many hours working Army MARS during the early
Gulf War.  I participated in SATERN during 9/11.
Knowing when to remain silent is one of the most
important skills a person can have.  

About serving brownouts.  If the power is kept low
level the radio and tnc can operate for extended
periods on eight D cells.  But it takes cooperation.

The troubles with SSB communications when the signal
to noise radio is high is the "I Spell" and the
homebrew phonetics people use.  I recall hearing one
operator using "Dirty Hound Dog" for DHD.  Cute, but
no body knew what it meant.  

With CW it's spelled in the process.  Fills are seldom

Google the phrase Phillips Code and you'll see how the
wire services used to communicate.

Best regards,
Lost in Texas

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