[aprssig] Online telemetry

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 29 15:56:23 EDT 2005

I've decided it's time to add standard APRS telemetry support to the 
OpenTracker (it's got 3 ADC inputs and a couple of digital inputs onboard), 
but in looking at FindU and aprsworld I'm surprised how little support there 
seems to be for it online.  Maybe some of the clients do a better job, but 
all I can find is the FindU graph page that's totally unreadable if there's 
a lot of information, and the aprsworld table dump that's not a whole lot 
easier to read than the raw data.

Is there anything better out there?  What about that XML interface, does it 
support telemetry?  At this point I'm inclined to just forget about the 
standard format, adopt my own custom format, and write a new web interface 
for it.

Scott, N1VG

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