[aprssig] NWS SAME useful for APRS weather feed?

Mon Aug 29 11:18:46 EDT 2005

I too would like to see a duplicate system for the WxSvr.  I will volunteer
to host one if Dale wants it. 

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I agree and this could be easily accomplished IF the alternate servers
generate their feed from the same source as WxSvr and use the same code so
that the extra packets which enter APRS-IS will be duplicates of each other
and the APRS-IS servers will drop the dupes.  I have asked for this scenario
for at least the last 3 years now with nothing to show for those requests.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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> Every once in a while that server or it's network connection go down, 
> then we're left with nothing.  It has been very dependable, but no 
> system is 100% and at the moment we have a possible 
> single-point-of-failure there for the weather feeds.
> IMHO we need one or two alternates that could take up the slack in 
> these cases.  You're correct that we don't need multiple stations 
> duplicating reports all the time, but those issues could be worked 
> around.

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