[aprssig] Power For a Lap Top

Jim Andrews jim at stuckinthemud.org
Sun Aug 28 09:50:30 EDT 2005

I've had experience with the cheap 240v inverters (generally a "smoothed square
wave", rather than true sine) and used them to charge all manner of equipment
using laptop and wall-wart power supplies for phones & PDA's and never had a

Can't see the US 110v being much different, unless there is something peculiar
in inverter design when using a centre-tapped supply.

Jim, G1HUL

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Just wondering of any precaution when operating a Lap Top (Compaq Armada
3500) from a 12 VDC to 110 VAC inverter.  I heard of a case where someone
tried a cell phone charger only to fry the power supply.  I question that
since the cell PS is low current draw and not much iron in the transformer
that spikes may have played a roll in this accident or may be it was just
that time for the transformer to go?  Thanks for your thoughts.

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