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Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Aug 27 19:28:28 EDT 2005

On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 scott at opentrac.org wrote:

> We'll have to wait and see about that.  For my full-size TNC, I'm using a
> more powerful 32-bit ARM7 chip and I hope to adapt the Digi_Ned embedded
> version to handle digipeating.  This unit won't be able to handle that - not
> sure if I want to write anything that complicated myself, but handling basic
> fill-in digi functions should be doable.

This is the single reason that I didn't buy an Alinco with the
internal TNC board:  It couldn't digi.  That was the one thing I was
interested enough in to send a note to the manufacturer and ask
specifically.  If the answer had been yes I'd have one in my Jeep
now and would have used it several times already as a fill-in digi
from handhelds in the woods out to the digipeaters or base camp.

I didn't buy the D700A because of the cost and because I really
wouldn't use the 440 portion.  It was overkill for my purposes.
Plus closed-source which makes me want to look elsewhere.

Whether I would buy an Alinco now in order to put in your board
would be a big question.  I have several 2-meter mobiles now and
have invested in OpenTrackers, TinyTraks, a PocketTracker, a TNC-X,

If I was just starting out I would probably go with the Alinco and
your board.  Assuming it was something I could tweak myself like the
OpenTracker of course!  That way I could code around any real or
perceived deficiencies.

I'll probably refer people to the Alinco+Scott-board system once it
is available, as a cheaper option than the D700A but still
all-in-one (or most-in-one anyway).

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