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ke4nyv at hamhud.net ke4nyv at hamhud.net
Sat Aug 27 15:23:10 EDT 2005

I love the idea of the Alinco addon board.  If you do produce one, I'll 
order an
Alinco the day you do.

> Can anyone suggest a good dash mountable GPS for this?  I wonder if the
> StreetPilot series will work.

I'm using the Garmin Map176C.  I like it more than the Streetpilots 
because its
more universal in mounting options than the Streetpilots.  The SP models force
you to "set" it on top of the dash.  With the 176C and similar models, 
you have
the option to put it up top, flush mount it on the face of the dash, or on the
edge of the dash.  I took mine and bent a small bracket that let me mount mine
just above my CD player.  This way, its down low, preventing a vision hazard.
Mine actually came with a really nice rotating/locking mount that makes 
it easy
to mount in many variations.  If you want to flush mount, you have to take the
part that the GPS locks into and use the provided screw holes to mount it to
any flat surface (prferrably facing the driver).

I have some pictures of it mounted next to my HamHUD II at (near bottom):

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

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