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Nick Kotch nkotch at earthlink.net
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I've just recently gotten back into APRS after being away for a while due to
college and apparently missed most of the WIDEn-N migration.

My understanding was that the new settings were mainly to develop a new
standard that included superior dupe checking and elimination compared to
the old (relay, wide, etc..) and therefore increasing capacity and
reliability, right?   With the exception of areas that have been limited 2
hops, I fail to see how just implementing these new settings could "cut off"
an area from RF or affect RF coverage. If someone used to use RELAY,WIDE and
now they are using WIDE2-2, in my mind that should be the same in regards to
range, propagation, etc...  Again, I see how limiting some paths have had
this affect but not how these new settings in general could have any impact
on coverage.  If I am totally missing something here please let me know.

I completely sympathize with Earl in that if I didn't have much activity in
my area I would really fail to see the purpose of a static presence on APRS.
In cases like that, probably in other areas as well, I think the solution is
to open up communication with other local users and digi owners about what
to do for that area (using longer paths, allowing longer paths at the digi
level, using APRS for local events, etc...).  I think the new "standard" is
fine, just needs to be tweaked used differently in different areas and that
takes communication among the local users.

Nick  KF4BYA

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>         I've been trying for YEARS to explain that the same solution 
> won't work for the entire country and every time I do, you people skip 

Maybe you're missing half the solution of the new paradigm?

WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 will work "ok" every where and won't hurt anywhere. 
That's the lowest common path that makes for an acceptable standard.

For your area with it's low population, why not have all the regular 
users running NM1-1,NM7-7 and cover the state?


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