[aprssig] Finito

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Fri Aug 26 20:06:35 EDT 2005

         I think I'm finished with this list, or maybe I'll just take a 
break from it.

         I've been considering the entire discussion on unproto paths for a 
couple of weeks now.  Paths have been cut to the point that now I see 
mostly nothing.  Every time I post something about it, I get answers like this:

At 12:02 PM 8/16/2005, n2lbt at spamcop.net wrote:
>We still don't want to hear it. We needed it here in the Northeast,
>and you say you don't need it there. This conversation is a local
>matter between you and your local digipeater sysops. The APRS list
>does not control the New Mexico digipeaters.

         In other words, "We fixed our problem and screw you if it causes 
you problems."

         Others always want to argue and there are very few on this list 
that want to work on a solution that helps EVERYBODY instead of a few.

         I've had private emails where somebody agrees with me, but won't 
post to the list because they don't want to look like they're making waves.

         I've been trying for YEARS to explain that the same solution won't 
work for the entire country and every time I do, you people skip that point 
and tell me how well something works in New York.  Or Las Angeles.  Or 
Baltimore.  Or wherever.  But only once in the past 10 years has 1 person 
taken the time to really try to understand where I'm coming from.

         Maybe 5 or 7 years ago, we had a dozen APRS ops here in 
Clovis.  They got tired of watching each others' houses just sit, so they 
went back to 145.01 packet.  No reason to sit and watch APRS if nothing is 
happening.  I think I agree with them.  And there's no need for my home 
station to stay on the air -- my family can simply look on findu.com to see 
where my mobile is.

         I've seen APRS go from a neat idea to a mature network.  That was 
the RISE of APRS.

         I've now seen APRS DIE from choked digis.  This is the FALL of APRS.

         And the entire network is going to die if you people don't quit 
arguing about every little thing and start working together.


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