[aprssig] Bad Path

Steve Slay snslay at swbell.net
Tue Aug 23 17:36:42 EDT 2005

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>> From: "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>

>> Just curious why it doesnt work in Lubbock?

>> Bob, WB4APR

WIDEn-N does work in Lubbock.

The following were heard via RF this afternoon;

KC5ZRQ>APU25N,WIDE2-2:=3331.43N/10152.60W-PHG3100 D-STAR {UIV32N}
KC5ZRQ>APU25N,KC5MVZ-2,W5LCC-3*,WIDE2:=3331.43N/10152.60W-PHG3100 D-STAR 

The first was heard direct by my station.
The second was digipeated through two digis.

I think what John was meaning to say is we no longer have a duplicate 
problem since the KPC digis were upgraded.

Steve Slay
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sure about the
former."    Albert Einstein

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