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victorf at windreader.com wrote:

> *I am a newbee to this group. I was a long time user of APRS Plus 
> which I found to be quite difficult to understand. Also, a disk crash 
> wiped out my Street Atlas 7 files so I can no longer use APRS+. I am 
> considering purchasing APRSPoint as I am a registered user of 
> MicroSoft MapPoint 2004. **I would like to here the pros and cons of 
> this software. *
> ** 
> *Any enlightenment will be appreciated.*
> ** 
> *Regards,*
> **


Actually runs inside MapPoint as a plug-in; i.e. not two programs 
running side-by-side

"Look and Feel" is exactly the same as MapPoint.  The scroll "hand" tool 
and zoom "bounding box" tools work exactly the same way.

If you like MS-Outlook / Outlook Express, you will find APRSpoint quite 
natural and familiar.

Since it uses MapPoint, the map view can be toggled between road map 
view and physical relief view. 

Built-In capability to draw track lines for mobiles (the way APRSplus 
does) without add-ons.


No provision for custom TNC initialization files.  Awkward to use with 
dual port devices like a KAM.

Doesn't support KISS;
   consequently, doesn't support intelligent WIDEn-N digipeating (like 

Hard-to-recognize low-contrast hard-to-see non-standard symbols (uses MS 
MapPoint "push-pins" instead of standard APRS symbols -- no way to 
update them as in APRSplus or UIview). 

Especially critical, it DOESN'T support overlay APRS symbols where the 
base symbol is overlaid with a letter or number.  With the transition 
to  "New Paradigm" digipeaters, this is important  since many digis are 
now using the secondary symbol set green "digi star" overlaid with a 
letter or number to indicate capabilities; e.g. overlaid with the number 
"1" to denote a home "WIDE1-1" digi, the number "2" to denote a 
"WIDE2-2"-only hop-limiting digi, etc.

Doesn't support proper decaying-interval retransmit algorithm for APRS 

Doesn't support logon message for APRS server port 14580   filter port

No speed or distance-sensitive smart beaconing in mobile use. 

No NWS weather alert/overlays support.

No built-in web server like UIview or APRSplus

Can be used with AGW as a softmodem but has no support for AGW port 
masks when AGW is used as an arbitrator or "quasi router" for multiple 
hard or soft TNCs.  I.E, when a dual port TNC such as a KAM or 9612 is 
managed by AGW, there is no way to control which ports reach (or don't 
reach) APRSpoint.

NOTE:  You can also use MapPoint with UIview via the   UIpoint    add-on 
for  UIview.   

Or use Precision Mapping 7.0 with UIview.  In this case, UIview uses 
only the PMap DATA only;  not the  Precision Mapping program.   PMap 
data actually appears inside the main UIview program. Like MS MapPoint 
and MS Streets and trips, Precision Mapping covers ALL of the  US and 

In fact the source of the raw road data in Map Point/Streets & Trips  
and Precision Mapping is the same.  It's a database leased from GDT 
(Geographic Data Technology).   The roads are the same, only the 
presentation (overlays of other data such as bodies of water, points of 
interest, parks,etc), map projection (PMap use simple rectangular 
lat/long display; MS uses an actual projection) and coloration are 

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