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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Aug 16 23:35:06 EDT 2005

rradiohham1 at earthlink.net wrote:

> What do you need to digipeat with Kam TNC using the new paradigm?.
> I work events, (50K runs), using pocket trackers and TT-3s, but the 
> terrain  has a lot of hills and not providing very good coverage in 
> the area of the run. And would like to set up a digipeater for the day 
> of the event. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, and there are 
> several digipeaters around, but they do not cover the area of the runs 
> very well.
> I have a KPC-3 with ver. 6.0, a Kam Plus with ver. 8.0 and another 
> with ver. 8.2. Can I set up a digipeater with these using the new 
> settings? or do need to go to ver.9.1 and a new Kam to do this? Or is 
> there another way to do it on a temporary digipeater?
> Can the any of these Kam's be upgraded to ver. 9.1 if it is necessary?.

NO.   Only the current KPC3+ and 9612  (which use a completely different 
microprocessor from the original KPC3) can use the new firmware.   

> I would like to use the new paradigm (WIDE2-2), to use the 
> digipearters in the area as well.
> TIA and 73
> Vince, K6BIR

Are you planning to set up these as WIDE1-1 home-relay-digis, or as full 
SSID-decrementing WIDEn-Ns ?  (I.e. are you going to set the trackers 
paths to something like "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1"  or to just "WIDE2-2" ?)  

If you use the latter, you can set any of these older units to respond 
to an alias of WIDE1-1 which it will digipeat as a simple fixed call. 

If you want to do true WIDEn-N where the SSID is decremented during a 
digipeat (i.e. a simple WIDE2-2 path in the trackers), you will need 
newer firmware.

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