[aprssig] Wrap up [was: How to digi 6x in the New APRS world?]

Ev Tupis (W2EV) w2ev at arrl.net
Tue Aug 16 22:57:06 EDT 2005

My attempt to unsubscribe was thwarted by a fat-finger mistake on my part, so I 
got a day's worth of unexpected APRS list traffic, much of it was directed at 
me.  So...before I attempt to sign out again, I thought I'd try to bring some 
solice to the group with assurance that I have no intent of bringing any part 
of the APRS network to ruin. :)

I requested direct replies for the very reason that I didn't intend to have the 
flaws of "the new paradigm" exposed for unwitting people to negatively exploit, 
while allowing me to positively exploit them <g> for a short-term event.  That 
being said, this is the *fourth* year that I'll be using a similar 
strategy...and no one noticed it before (that should speak volumes to my 
ability to pull this off without negatively impacting the APRS network).

The "blitz" (as it was called) was intended only to allow me to quickly get out 
of your collective hair.  It has been my historical experience that the APRS 
list is chock full of nice folks with a very specific vision.  I have no desire 
to lock horns with anyone...I just want to have fun on Amateur Radio (the RF 
stuff) and let you all do the same.  No offense is intended.

So now that I know the "new paradigm" and it's personality, I will play with it 
from home to see how it impacts the network before just turning it on with the 
10-GHz contest on Saturday.  I need 6 hops because that represents the DX I can 
attain on 10-GHz with my station.  I've actually mapped it out.  It isn't 30 
states...it is parts of four states and one province (not even full states at 
that), assuming that the frame gets 6 digi's out in the first place

...now returning the APRS sig to it's normal operation.

Again, think happy thoughts, not controversy. :)

Ev, W2EV

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