[aprssig] Suitable radios

Charles Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Tue Aug 16 18:42:07 EDT 2005

On 8/16/2005 Mark Earle wrote:

> You might consider a GE Phoenix VHF. 25-40 watts, pretty inexpensive on 
> Ebay. KG4LNE http://www.rtzaudio.com/kg4lne/default.asp  offers a programmer.


The ONLY problems with the Phoenix are 1)Doesn't exactly fit the
"small" criteria, and 2)Hard to program, even with the programmer you

Right now, VHF MVSes are selling for about the same price as the
Phoenix (and yes, the 150-174 split will rune down to 144.39 - but may
take a VCO tweak) - and programming is much easier - you either get a
RIB and cable, OR a "rib-less cable" (Both from Price Industries)

I used a Phoenix for about 2 years, and have a few MVSes running
around - the 128 channel I use for APRS at home has an issue at the
moment - but not the fault of the rig (water is nasty)

But again - not small

One of your BEST bets is probably the GE MCS - data comes out on a
DB-9, comes in 8 and 30 watts.  They are 4 channel, and startup on CH1
 - so you program 144.39 on ch1, and away you go

73 de KG2V

For the Children - RKBA!

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