[aprssig] Suitable radios

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Tue Aug 16 08:37:04 EDT 2005

You might consider a GE Phoenix VHF. 25-40 watts, pretty inexpensive on 
Ebay. KG4LNE http://www.rtzaudio.com/kg4lne/default.asp  offers a programmer.

One tip: When purchasing, make sure the programming eeprom is included. 
Some sellers pull that chip (which is hard to obtain) and sell it separately.

We use the Phoenix/ Delta radios in tracker and digipeater service with 
good success.

I have a number of then (3 ..no, 4) for UHF talk around.

Run a VHF 16 ch scan Phoenix in the car as voice primary, and one hidden in 
a side panel for the APRS radio.

I figure $50 or so is a fair price, with the chip. You don't need 
accessories; the connectors (mic, power) are available at Mouser.

At 08:23 AM 8/16/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>I want to replace the HT/amp arrangement I now have with a small mobile 
>radio for a mobile APRS station.
>The TNC  is  a KPC 3+.  Are there any current small-footprint (about the 
>size of the tnc) mobile radios that shouldn t be considered or some that 
>work pretty well for aprs/packet?
>Eventually I ll most likely get a D700 but for now just a 2m mobile will 
>Keith, KF4BXT
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