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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Aug 16 17:16:55 EDT 2005


> I dislike the simple tnc type trackers (D700's, KPC's, TNC2, 
> PicoPacket, Alinco 135) that beacon every minute, parked or moving.
> My own vehicle, I try and remember to shut it all down when leaving.. 
> two commercial radios (Micor in particular) will suck the battery dry 
> if I forget!
> I know.. auto-power-off.. it's "on the list".
I have my D700 set for beacons every 30 minutes.   When I am in the car, 
I have the D700 under control of a laptop running UIview with smart 
beaconing enabled.  I have the exit de-init routine of UI-view set to 
put the D700 in standalone "APRS" mode instead of shuting down the TNC 
completely as it normally does.   The TNC is set with the 30-minute 
beacon intervals, panel lamps off,  and the canned "Out-Of-Service" 
status message.   

This way, when I park, I just shut down the laptop, and the D700 reverts 
to the low-power-consumption  slow-beaconing  mode automatically.    
When I return to the car and start up the laptop, UI-view automatically 
takes the TNC back into "TNC" mode with smart beaconing.   No need to 
fiddle with PMs set to different beacon rates  at all!

A modified UI-view init file for the D700 that does this is on my 
website at:

Look for the file    UIview_CMD_Files.zip    

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