[aprssig] How to digi 6x in the New APRS world?

Rodney Padmore rodpadmore at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 16 15:56:53 EDT 2005

Yes Brian, I agree with you and I had a similar reaction to the 'blitzkrieg' 
tactic, 73 de Rod, Halifax,NS
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> Is it just me or is anybody else offended/annoyed by this message?????
>  1) 'temporarily resubscribed'  - we're good enough to give answers  when 
> he needs it, but not to give anything in return
>  2) He wants six hops, but he knows its not kosher, but its all  right 
> just for this weekend for his purposes ... and I am sure he  won't do it 
> again until the next contest!
>  3) He knows its not kosher, so its OK to email him backchannel and  tell 
> him how to use his magic decoder ring to compromise the system,  "just 
> this one weekend" so noone else will know, just him and his  'deep throat' 
> source! If he is the only one using the trick then it  gives him an unfair 
> advantage over the other rovers, if he spills the  beans to the other 
> rovers, then the NE APRS network has a complete  mess on its hands for 48 
> hours.
> As one of the digi operators in the area that will be effected, were  a 
> vote taken, I would say 'no way' ... just my $.02, FWIW.
>     cheers ... 73 de brian riley, n1bq , underhill center, vermont
>     brianbr at wulfden.org
> On Aug 15, 2005, at 10:15 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> w2ev at arrl.net wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I've temporarily resubscribed to the list with the hope of someone 
>>> explaining to me how to accomplish something that I need to  accomplish 
>>> this upcoming weekend...
>>>  http://www.arrl.org/contests/soapbox/index.html?con_id=71&call=w2ev
>>> For the sake of the event, I have a need to have my APRS symbol  seen 
>>> over a wide area, using RF only ("assistance" [digipeating]  in this 
>>> event is ok, but it must be all-Amateur means of  communication [no 
>>> IGate/findU], so I'll be launching frames  as ...,...,RFONLY).
>>> What would be the "new North American paradigm" setting for  assuring 
>>> that my APRS frame is digipeated for a maximum of six  times, now that 
>>> such pains have been made to limit people's  ability to do so in the 
>>> APRS service?  Reply direct, if you  believe that it is best to not 
>>> reveal such strategies to the  general list, please.  This is for this 
>>> upcoming weekend  only...not something that I'm going to do for any 
>>> appreciable  length of time.
>>> _______________________________________________
>> The "New Paradigm" is expressly intended to prevent this kind of 
>> wide-area flooding.  Most digis are now trapping and ignoring  anything 
>> over WIDE2-2 or WIDE3-3 .    SIX hops will definitely be  shot down on 
>> most of today's digis!
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