[aprssig] PCSAT2 Server Settings - Important Information!

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Fri Aug 5 16:25:18 EDT 2005

Amendment, due to some false information I had received.

Phillip B. Pacier wrote:

> For *receiving* the special 9600 baud telemetry data by itself or in 
> combination with any other satellite data, you *MUST* use 
> satgate.aprsca.net:10150 for this purpose.  This is the only port and 
> address currently operating that will combine the data feeds and send 
> them to you, while NOT allowing the telemetry data to propagate to the 
> APRS-IS.  Use your software's filter settings to select the 
> appropriate filters according to the data you want to receive.
> A couple of notes: I see some of you are connecting to port 20150 and 
> setting a filter to see all satellite data.  Note that this will NOT 
> work.  The only data you can *receive* on port 20150 is the special 
> telemetry data, no matter what filters you set.  In short, if you want 
> to receive the satellite data, please use port 10150.

It appears as though you can use 20150 for the reception of combined 
data, but only on the satgate.aprsca.net domain.  This would allow you 
to uplink the 9600 baud telemetry data AND receive any other APRS-IS 
data with the same client connection.  However, the 9600 baud telemetry 
data would still be confined to the separate network.  The 9600 baud 
telemetry data can ONLY be received on port 20150.

Phil Pacier - AD6NH

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