[aprssig] Broadcasting?

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Tue Aug 2 23:20:23 EDT 2005

What difference does it make?  Most of the conversations I hear on the 
radio are not "of interest to the Amateur community".  Do we really want 
to start bickering over the content of messages.

I would just leave it go and drop it.  Maybe someone could tell the 
station that posted that Al Gore invented the internet :-)-

A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) wrote:
> Shortly after the Air France crash today, a station sent out an APRS 
> message addressed to "ALL" that said (paraphrasing from memory) "Air 
> France crash in Toronto, 200 feared dead".  While I thought this was an 
> interesting thing to know, it had me wondering if the message was 
> breaking the rules.
> If you brought up the local repeater and just blurted out the same type 
> of "breaking news" message intended for anyone listening, I think it 
> would be considered broadcasting.  It definitely was not a message that 
> would be "of interest to the Amateur community only" which is supposed 
> to be one of the broadcasting litmus tests.  On the other hand, unlike a 
> analog voice transmission on a repeater, the average "non-Ham" would not 
> be able to receive an APRS message, so I can see this argument going 
> either way...
> What are your opinions on this?
> Thanks!
> A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
> http://www.aj3u.com
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