[aprssig] Pedestrian Stealth APRS antenna

steve scott kd8s kd8s at intermind.net
Fri Apr 29 10:13:59 EDT 2005

I use the MFJ  1  7 1  5  S

on  my  kenwood  th-d7.

It does make a big difference compared to the standard flex antenna that comes with the  th-d7.

i walk a lot, and i have a backpack with two  zipper pockets on the back of the pack.  on one side i slide in the  thd-7  the other  the garmin  gps-3.

when the pack is on my back the antenna is out and away from my body and  in the clear as much as is possible.

plus since the  units are zippered in, they have not fallen out.

    You can be sure i did a lot of research before spending the money on yet another accessory...this is something i use.

Steve Scott
Las vegas
find my current mobile  location at  http://map.findu.com/kd8s-7
stationary location in the  hamshack at http://map.findu.com/kd8s
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  I want an APRS antenna for my Kenwood D-7  that would be inconspicuous when out I am walking and with as much efficiency as possible. I am wondering, for instance, if a vhf dipole made from two rubber duckies(eys??),i.e. one rubber ducky on each side of the feed point, makes any sense. I would then 'wear' the antenna as inconspicuously as possible. If there are any better ideas or if this notion is completely 'off the wall', I would certainly like to hear of any opinions or directions to take for further enquiry into constructing such an antenna. Thanks for any comments in this regard, 73 de Rod,VE1BSK. 


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