[aprssig] KPC3+ in CMD mode or KISS using XASTIR

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 29 00:13:40 EDT 2005

I'm not using it as a digi, but I've got Xastir running on a rackmount box
in the garage and it's currently been up 171 days.  That was probably when I
rebooted for a kernel upgrade.

I'm with you on the cost of the KPC-3+.  Seen what they charge for a ROM


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Hi All,

  I want to set up my dad with a Xastir setup.  He's 1 1/2 miles away
and would serve extremely well as a fill in digi.  The issue that I'm
worried about is staying on the air.  While XASTIR is a reliable
program, I would like to have fallback capability in case the
application isn't running, power outage, etc.  I have an old MFJ-1270B
but was looking at the KPC3+ as something to purchase that is current
in APRS support without a host program running.  Is it worth $200 to
get a KPC3+?  I'm in awe that they want that much money for "old"
technology.  Wow, it has 128K of memory.  I recently got a 128M USB
flash drive for $5.  I figured that they would have made thousands of
these things as they are 10+ years on the market now.  Let me know if
it's worth the extra money or if running KISS with the MFJ is worth
the risk.  Perhaps I should run VNC server and restart it should it

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

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