[aprssig] New N Paradigm progress

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 25 19:48:12 EDT 2005

We are making some progress on the New N Paradigm.
As of today, FINDU shows about 16% converted.:

  56 new "S" digipeaters
103 new "L" digipeaters
    8 new "P" PacComm type digis

I think most of the "L" digis were some of the ones that
quickly implemented the New N Paradigm before it was
really in its final form and before we changed the recommendation
to "S" for those digis that also support their State or Section
type digipeating.

It is surprising, however, how many of these digis do not
quite follow the recommended abbreviation scheme that
would make it easy for everyone to be able to see what
a digi's capabilities are.. Typical might be:

R,W3,SSn  - means RELAY, WIDE3-3 and SSn-n
or W2,SSn  - means WIDE2-2 or SSn-N is recommended

Also, it only takes a few seconds of thought to format the
spacing of the text so that it shows up nicely on the front
panel of the D7 and D700.  Here is an example:

...PHG5430 W2, SSn...on 147.105 voice  repeater, AARC club

Would appear on the front panel of the radio as:

on 147.105

For travelers, this lets them know a friendly voice repeater too
where the APRS mobiles may hang out for voice QSO's too.

de WB4APR, Bob

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