[aprssig] battery enclosure.

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Mon Apr 25 11:51:36 EDT 2005

At 05:38 PM 4/24/2005, Rich Garcia wrote:
>That is interesting... I have a large APC UPS that needs batteries but they
>cost an arm and a leg, it's a commercial version with some
>beasts in there. Where would you find a wheelchair gel cell for that low of
>a price ? I could extend the leads for the original UPS
>battery and remote the battery outside of the case! That's the main reason
>my Igate has not been back up since just after the hurricanes,
>we were out of the house for about 5 days and it was just way too much for
>the batteries.

         I got mine at a hamfest about 5 years ago, still works well.  I 
use it in the truck to run my 706, XM, cell phone charger, etc.  I put a 
noise filter in line with the lead I use to keep it charged, and charge it 
from the truck system.  If I unplug it from the truck, I can still operate 
this stuff for close to 30 hours.

         7 3

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