[aprssig] battery enclosure.

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Sun Apr 24 21:08:49 EDT 2005

Of course if you want a really long run time you can buy 6v golf cart 
batteries and put them in a plastic tool box designed for mounting in a 
truck.  Wired in parallel two give 220 amp hours at 12volts.  Cheap ones 
run about $50 apiece.  I use two of these to provide power for my stations 
ac needs and I have a 750 watt inverter that will run the refrigerator or 
several compact florescent lights.  The setup here is 220 amp hours as 
above.  Even better would be a couple of Trojan L-16's but that gets pricey.

With a good charge on them they will run my fridge for 6 hours.  In actual 
use I only run the fridge when I am charging the batteries. Two hours will 
refreeze the freezer compartment. The system worked well during the 5 days 
we were without power during the last hurricanes My frozen foods never got 
above 25 degrees. While it is not the most efficient method I used the car 
to charge and run the fridge via a jumperset made from #1 welding 
cable.  If I did not have so many trees I would put up some solar panels 
and add a charge controller.

In shack is a 95 amp hour AGM that can be paralleled with the above if 
needed but is normally separate and floats in parallel with the 30 amp 
power supply.

PS: to stay on topic this system also ran a temporary APRS digi and laptop 
UI-View station since my main one was down. 
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