[aprssig] battery enclosure.

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Apr 24 20:04:51 EDT 2005

 >cost an arm and a leg, it's a commercial version with some
 >beasts in there. Where would you find a wheelchair gel cell for that low

I've found the cheap ones are pulls. For instance, some folks replace UPS 
batteries before they fail.

I evaluate batteries by checking the "new" guaranteed price at a local 
electronics place, then the Graybar site, and then the Digikey site.

This gives me the "real" price.

If I can buy batteries significantly less, that's OK - I just figure they 
won't last as long (months-wise).

For instance, in a previous job, we found batteries would fail between 
months 18-20 in our (non-ups) application. So we changed them at 14-15 
months. Someone buying the surplus ones could get 3-4 months use before 

Likewise, wheel chair batteries. They are probably changed, before they 
"strand" the owner of a power chair or scooter.

Putting a bigger battery (amp hour wise) than original won't hurt a UPS, 
generally. However, when discharged by a power-fail event, it will take 
proportionally longer to recharge.

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