[aprssig] battery enclosure.

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Sun Apr 24 13:56:14 EDT 2005

OK I guess since it is an airtight box I can see the difference in price. I
have run
batteries in the past to power my HF station when I was poor and could not
a large power supply but did have a deep cycle charger and a crawl space
under the house.
It worked quite well for the 3 years we lived there, in the searing heat of
summer and
the snow of winter. But I agree Boyd now if I were to go backup battery the
batteries are much better, larger and affordable.

My APRS setup is a shambles now after the 2 Hurricanes that came through
last year and
we are not planning on staying much longer in the area. Once I can transfer
to the Carolina
or TN region we will be making the move, hopefully by end of summer. At that
time I plan on
rebuilding the shack, gateway, and weather station. A nice size sealed
battery power supply
is in the plans for my entire station. It's just a matter of time, for right
now my entire
life is on hold pending a move. Now I know what it must be like living a
military lifestyle, don't
set roots or do much, you may be moving tomorrow and have all that work go
to waste!


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I think the key here is "airtight," Rich. If you keep a standard wet
cell deep cycle battery inside the passenger compartment, and it's
hooked up to charge from your alternator, that nasty gas build-up could
potentially cause a few problems. Especially if someone smokes in the

But it seems to me that the box's shortcomings still argue against it.
It accommodates a Group 24 battery, so if you have a 27 or 30 or
whatever, it won't fit. Further, the box comes with vent tubes to get
the gases out. If you use one of these, you'd have to find a way to run
the tubes outside the passenger compartment, or it does you no good.

All in all, I think I'd prefer to just use a sealed battery, such as an
AGM, if I needed to keep it inside.


Boyd / N5CTI

P.S. Sorry for continuing the digression from APRS, but sometimes I just
can't shut myself up!

Rich Garcia wrote:

>$90 sounds a bit steep. May want to check out WestMarine and similar
>also since they are used
>on personal watercraft also and if I remember correctly much MUCH less
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>Anyone with a van wanting to keep a battery inside might want to use an
>air tight box made by moroso for racing.  It has 6 bolts around the
>perimeter to hold down a gasketed lid and has provisions for a vent
>tube.  Runs about $90 at many "race car" dealers.... just google
>"mor-74050" .
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