[aprssig] AA3JY-4 and WIDEN-N

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Sun Apr 24 08:43:44 EDT 2005

I *like* the new system. It is far more efficient. What I guess I will find 
out is if there are digis that ignore WIDEn-n, in which case my path of 
WIDE2-2 will not work in those areas.
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> On Apr 24, 2005, at 12:23 AM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> Effective immediately, RELAY is considered obsolete.  Digis all over the 
>> country are switching amazingly rapidly
> Some are, some are not.  One digi I depend on is apparently RELAY only. A 
> couple have changed, a couple are still R/W/Wn.
>> Furthermore, if you are truely " frequently out where there are few or no 
>> digis in range.", why would the path matter at all?
> Because if there are few, it makes it even more important to use an alias 
> that those few recognize.
> I certainly don't mean to talk bad about new N-n (I think it's a great 
> improvement), but it isn't 100% deployed yet.  The best thing you can do 
> is try switching to W2-2 or W3-3 and see if your coverage remains the 
> same.
> -Jason
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