[aprssig] Live Telemetry Data Through a Simple Web Page

Tony K komljanec at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 23 10:13:00 EDT 2005

Hi Steve et al:

What Findu supplies looks great for the telemetry graphs.  And this is true
as well for the maps.  What I was looking for was just the last live data
payload that was received presented in a human readable, embeddable format.
Sort of like the weather frames available that provide the last temperature
received from a commercial weather station.  

For instance, your raw.cgi provides a list of received raw data for the last
24 hours.  Is there a way to add a switch to the request so that only the
last report is provided?  This could then be used for a "live" status box.
Perhaps a slightly enhanced version that is "semi-raw" would be even better?

Brad, N8QQ server provides the data in XML format.  By providing a
rudimentary interface using XQL style query, the end user has more control
over the data returned and is directly usable for the Java challenged.  It
then relieves Brad from responding or customizing to each application. This
seems desirable.    

The existing telemetry is great.  The effort is superb and commendable. Can
the query be structured to provide more flexibility for the end user?  A
twist is the Opentracker example that doesn't utilize the MIM telemetry
format?  The payload is in the "Comments" section, of which the extraction
and display is the key. This flexibility using an XQL query was the "proof
of concept".   

Steve, your efforts in this regard are legendary, and your opinion
considered expert.  Where do you think this should or can go to further
enhance telemetry and make the data easily embedded into web pages?  

Tony VE3TK
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From: Steve Dimse [mailto:steve at dimse.com] 

If you embed the telemetry  cgi within a web page's IMG tag:

<IMG src="http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/tele1.cgi?call=n7rig-6&last$0">

it will appear on your web page. Is this what you are talking about, or 
is there something I'm missing?

Steve K4HG

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