[aprssig] Live Telemetry Data Through a Simple Web Page

VE3TK ve3pep at rac.ca
Fri Apr 22 20:26:02 EDT 2005

See a development site for live APRS telemetry data here:
http://www.qsl.net/va3pla/telemetry.htm . 

I'm no expert in HTML so please forgive the rudimentary nature of the page.
It is a quick "proof of concept" (well, maybe proof of concept for me
anyway). What makes it somewhat unique is that the web page or hosting
server is not pre-processing telemetry data and stuffing the page before
sending it to you.  The data is married within the page on YOUR computer
(HTML client) much like the map pages from position reports.  The idea is
that anyone can add telemetry data within a basic knowledge of HTML.
However, it is dependent on a server somewhere providing the telemetry data
in a format suitable for insertion.  Steve Dimse has been doing this for
telemetry graphs at findu.com  

In this example, Scott's OpenTracker is used as the Remote Telemetry Unit
which provides output in Volts and temperature.  The event counter is a
welcome enhancement.  

Thanks to Brad, N8QQ for his XML server which parses the data from APRSWORLD
or Findu and makes it available in a directly usable format. He was quick to
jump on an XQL suggestion for provided the desired information. See Brad's
site at http://xml.n8qq.com/aprs/ for more information. 

Would this sort of approach enhance (ease?) the use of APRS telemetry?  Any
suggestions for additional enhancements or ways to approach this? 


Tony K

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