[aprssig] of interest to Dallas one-wire hackers...

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 22 20:14:51 EDT 2005

Hey, that's pretty cool.  The hardest part about dealing with 1-wire sensors
in an embedded environment is figuring out which sensor is which.  If I do a
1-wire telemetry firmware for the OpenTracker, it'll probably need something
like this (or the 1-wire Windows utilities) to find out what the sensor
addresses are first.

In the weather instrument, it's not a big deal since you've only got one
device of each family, and you can simply send the family code and ignore
the rest of the ID.

Speaking of 1-wire, the OpenTracker weather firmware now does consensus
averaging of wind direction, like the T-238.  Seems to be working pretty
well so far - I'll probably post the new code for download this weekend.


Scott, N1VG

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Not really directly relevant to APRS, except that therearea
a lot of folks using/building one-wire wx stations:


73 de chris KG6VYD

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