[aprssig] Deluo GPS Lite altitude limit

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Apr 21 22:45:05 EDT 2005

scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>That's the one I was thinking of when I set out looking for a GPS receiver
>to carry, but it's not the one I got.  Here's the current GPS Lite model:
>This one's about 17mm shorter, and a bit thinner.  Small enough that I
>should be able to use it in place of a GPS board + shoulder-mounted patch
>antenna combo for SAR use.  Not sure how waterproof it is, but it looks like
>it could take a bit of rain.  Would be fine in a nylon pocket on the
Further on this device, the specs say:

Power supply :
   Power consumption:
   +5.0VDC and up to 9.0V DC
   Typical (tracking): 120mW

They say 120mW which would be only  24mA!    Can this be possbile.   I 
noticed in the feature grid comparing all  three of Deluo's offerings 
that the other two were 120-160 mA. I wonder if this spec is a type and 
that they really mean 120mA,  not 120mW......

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