[aprssig] MapQuest Maps for Findu.com

ke4nyv at hamhud.net ke4nyv at hamhud.net
Sun Apr 17 01:34:08 EDT 2005

I might end up getting royaly flamed here, but...

What was the original mapping site that findu.com USED to render maps from?  Was
is mapquest.com or mapblast.com ?  I don't remember.  The reason I ask, I was
looking around mapquest.com tonight and came across this page:


A couple things jumped right out at me that seemed to be right in line with what
findu.com needs to get street-level mapping back.


"Do you run a website or write software that could benefit from free maps and
driving directions?  LinkFree is a free service from MapQuest that allows you
to link directly to MapQuest.com and display high quality interactive maps and
driving directions."

"Anybody, and everybody. From personal homepages to national retail sites,
LinkFree is available for you. By linking to MapQuest you agree to comply with
our terms and conditions."


The way I read that, we should have 100% free access to these maps for
street-level detail.

I don't know about the people that live in large metro areas where they have
street-level, but in areas like Roanoke, Va. all that we get are insterstates,
MAJOR Highways and a few minor highways.  Its not uncommon to look at where I
am somewhere right in downtown Roanoke and having nothing on the map but my
truck, the major highway that runs through Roanoke and maybe a railroad track. 
If you are from here you MIGHT be able to figure out where I am, but good luck
to anyone else.

Anyways, go ahead and flame, I really don't give a damn at this point since
everything turns into an argument here anyways.

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

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