[aprssig] Emailing via WinLink..

Lee lee.inman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 13:09:19 EDT 2005

 The act of someone sending an email using Winlink will automatically place 
the recipient's email address in the "approved" list on the Winlink email 
servers. Once that person's email address is in the approved email address 
list they can send mail back to the Winlink user. So, if you have recently 
received email through the Winlink system you should be able to reply.
 Now, if you've only received an APRS message asking you to send a reply to 
a Winlink address, then you may have to go register your email address 
yourself. Normally, if someone wants you to use their Winlink address they 
would either send you a message using the Winlink system or add your email 
address manually. 
 Hope that helps.
 73, Lee K0QED

 On 4/15/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote: 
> >>> aa3jy at winlink.org 4/14/05 3:38:38 PM >>>
> >>By the way, your email to your winlinnk address
> >>always bounces so I have to reply to the SIG...
> >======
> >Thats because one has to be a registered user
> >(either to send/receive/respond) of Winlink..
> Clay,
> Well then, no wonder we are not communicating well.
> On APRS packet you have sent me messages telling
> me to communicate with you via email, yet on email you
> only use Winlink... Which apparently I can't (i have
> registered before) In otherwords, if you send me an email
> and expect a response, then the burden is on you to
> remember not to use Winlink because a reply does
> not work.
> Just something to consider.
> This is frustrating when someone asks me a question
> via incoming Winlinnk Email...
> Bob
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