[aprssig] Quick and dirty weather

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 15 12:56:43 EDT 2005

> assert radio port pin 8 when carrier is detected?  If your kpc3 is not a
> plus model, tap a wire from the CD LED to pin 8 on radio connnector.
> This can be used by the open tracker as a squelch indication.  Also,
> they might both try to key the radio at the same time, so a diode OR
> between the kpc3 PTT line and the MUTE line will cause the open tracker
> to see kpc3's PTT as a busy signal too.  The kpc3 signals run open

Not a plus model, but I did think of doing something like that - the PTT
'OR' as well.  But then it wouldn't really count as a quick and dirty
solution, would it?  =]

It's working well enough for now.  Though I think I might tweak it a bit to
average the wind direction over a longer period.  Not sure what the standard
is, if any.

Scott, N1VG

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