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Thanks to Terry I think I'll have plenty of STP cables to use.  I'll be
stocking ferrites, too - assuming I can find the ones that fit well in the
DB9 backshells.

I've got some long ones on hand now that fit perfectly over some of the
cables... but I'm not sure that they'd really do much good on the outside of
the insulation like that.  A couple of turns around a ferrite core inside a
metallized connector shell does a pretty good job, though.

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  I used to work for a Two-way Shop who would run 25 ft. unshielded cable in
Fire Trucks and we never had problems (the owner was cheap).  My D700 has
been running 3 years in different cars with about a 6 foot unshielded cable
with no trouble.  If you have trouble with RF use a RS clamp on ferrite
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