[aprssig] digi_ned latest and xastir

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sat Apr 9 22:33:06 EDT 2005


Just wanted to give ya a BIG thanks for adding the agwpe stuff into 
digi_ned. We got it going today and it really does a nice job.

Since it's only been up a few hours, I don't have any idea of long term 
stability, so I'll post results as we get more time with it. I've turned off 
UI-View32 digipeating function to see how digi_ned does.

The setup looks like this:

Desktop #1 UI-View32 -> AGWPE PRO (Running Copy) -> 2 ports (TNC's)
Desktop #2 Xastir -> AGWPE PRO via LAN  -> same two tnc's
Desktop #3 Digi_ned -> AGWPE Pro via LAN -> same two tnc's
Laptop -> UI-View32 -> AGWPE PRO Via Lan -> same two tnc's


...hasan, N0AN

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