[aprssig] digi software for microcontroller?

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sat Apr 9 10:15:54 EDT 2005

Hello Scott and others,

Scott Miller schreef:
> if at all possible.  As far as I know, no one has integrated that code with
> anything yet.. it might be quite a challenge, but we'll see.  I'll probably

Well, in Germany a group of HAM's have it running on a LinkSys WRT54GS 
V1.0 wireless modem and showed it at the 21st Packet Radio conference in 
Darmstadt, Germany, which was held on April 2nd, 2005.

This type of modem runs Linux and is available in Europe for about EUR 
75.- and about $60.- in the US.

The group is working on instructions, I've seen a sneak preview and it 
will be simple!

They currently run the embedded version but I think it could just as well 
run the full version with the new KISS interface.

Besides DIGI_NED they also have TNN, Wampes and XNET running. I guess when 
the information is official a link will be posted to the APRSSIG.

Kind regards,


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