[aprssig] Thanks! (Part 2)

kd4ydc at juno.com kd4ydc at juno.com
Sat Apr 9 22:23:55 EDT 2005

I would like to thank the guys up at UAH in Huntsville,Al.  I know myself and Gary (KB4RG)...& probably several others that were listening on a local S.ATL repeater...was glued to our computers for hours today.  I know alot of hard work and MONEY went into your project.  I hope that you would share with the group your experiences about today's flight.  I know that several others have before...honestly it just really didn't catch my attention until today. Wow! How cool is this!!  92,000+ feet at one time. Just plain slick ;-)  I know others have gone higher..and such.  Ralph (N4NEQ)...neat page :-)  Looked on the web and found your site with the NASA stuff...cool with the peeps too ;-)  I also shared that with Gary.

What a neat thing to do on Field Day.  Just wish we didn't have a major airport...and the FAA at our door step 8-)

Great job guys....and it was neat to hear an old NASA engineer get excited about APRS again....

Good Night and 73,

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