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Ken Brown W2KB at comcast.net
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It's my understanding that ham equipment use per se is not prohibited by
CAP, but rather only ham equipment that meets specified frequency tolerance
and stability requirements can be used.  May not be many ham VHF rigs that
do, though. I do know that my HF Icom 756ProII ham rig is approved for CAP.
There is/was a list on the internet of approved rigs.  It may have been the
same list used for SHARES network participants.

73, --Ken W2KB

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About CAP and APRS:

Ten years ago, APRS was very strong in CAP and was
really gathering steam.  Then some bureaucrat made the
CAP rule that HAM equipment could not be used on CAP
frquencies and that was the end of it.  I do not know if
anything has changed.  ?

But I am posting this on the APRSSIG to see if anyone
else knows...  Bob


Do you know if there is a formal policy on APRS in CAP? I proposed to
unit comm. officer that we set up APRS units for our ground and
using CAP data/packet frequencies, and I got a long spiel about
the chain of command to request permission for special experiments and
avoid interference with other agencies etc etc. I saw on one of your
that you had done quite a bit of work with CAP on this project. Do you
any references I can pass on to avoid reinventing the wheel? Any
would be greatly appreciated.


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