[aprssig] Shoehorning the New n-N Paradiam into UIDIGI

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Thu Apr 7 19:32:36 EDT 2005

I have posted an article at http://www.dxspots.com/FIX14439_UIDIGI.htm 
which attempts to describe how to implement the 'New n-N Paradigm' in 
the existing UIDIGI v1.9 beta 3 firmware.  The actual configuration can 
be downloaded as an archive at http://www.dxspots.com/FIX14439_UIDIGI.zip.

This is a first cut, more than likely errors will be found,  if so 
please report them to me so I can correct.

I do not know how successful this will be, as I am aware of many faults 
which have to be tolerated for the simple reason that it is impossible 
to fully implement as parameters for the existing firmware.

It may provide enough capability so that offenders now using excessively 
long routes have to change their ways, if so that will be some measure 
of success.

A full implemention will require the efforts of the author of UIDIGI, 
Marco Savegnago IW3FQG, to change the code.


Ron Stordahl, N5IN

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