[aprssig] New batteries

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Apr 7 16:30:10 EDT 2005

Panasonic's new Oxyride disposable batteries are getting a lot of press.
Anyone seen these yet?  Most of the coverage has been sparse on technical
details, with journalists not understanding the difference between voltage
and power.

One thing I did get was that the batteries put out 1.7 volts rather than
1.5.  They're also more like NiMH batteries in that they do better in high
drain applications (low internal impedance?) - regular alkalines are better
at low drain applications.

Anyway, I'm curious what this will mean for radios like my Icom T2H Sport
running off a AA pack.  Since power output on these radios depend on voltage
(true of my Alinco DJ-F1T anyway) are we going to see more RF output power
on these batteries, or do the radios internally limit the voltage?  Is it
likely to cause operation out of the radio's specifications?

I wonder how many other places we're going to see problems when clueless
consumers start putting 1.7 volt batteries in dumb 1.5 volt devices...


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