[aprssig] how to implement 'No more relay' fordummies- settingsfor ui-digi

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Wed Apr 6 18:34:05 EDT 2005

I'm sorry....my file is for UI-View32 as a smart digi. It is in the FILES 
area of the UI-View32 mailing list group.

Here is the info from the message I posted on the UI-View32 list that formed 
the basis for the file at the Yahoo site.


This is a "how to" posting, it is NOT a discussion of the merits of the new
paradigm. If you want to discuss the merits of the new paradigm,


1. Don't email me...I'm not interested in the discussion at all...it's been
beat to death.

2. Don't post discussion on the merits of the new paradigm on the ui-view
mail list...it's off topic. Post to the aprssig, not this one.

Three of us in central Iowa using UI-View32 as an important part of a smart
digi network have implemented the new WIDEn-n and Abusive Path Trapping
components of Bob's (WB4APR) suggested national (USA/NA) standard. Here is
how to do it:

1. Shut down UI-View32

2. Copy uiview32.ini to a backup location. (It is in your main uiview32

3. Edit uiview32.ini (in the main uiview32 directory as shown below:

(Make sure to use a TEXT editor, not Microsoft Word or any other word
processor that puts formatting commands in the text!) Notepad works fine.

Below is the pertinent section of UIVIEW32.INI found in the install
directory for UI-VIEW32. (This is from John Kraus, with my comments added)

"I suspect that simply changing UIFLOOD=WIDE and UITRACE=TRACE to UIFLOOD=GA
UITRACE=WIDE will let this happen. I simply don't have the time right now
to test it." (Comment, we have tested it and it works fine.)

Find the [DIGI_OPTIONS] section of the file and change TWO items ONLY.
Please note that the UIFLOOD change is your two-letter postal state
abbreviation, so John Kraus's comments above say use GA and in my example
below I say use IA...obviously you are to use whatever your two-letter state
postal abbreviation is appropriate.


4. Save your changed file.

5. Restart UI-View32

You will now digipeat with decrementing and dupe checking, the new WIDEn-n
and SSn-n paradigm. (If you don't know what the SSn-n  part of the paradigm
is, don't worry, you need do nothing...just check the box and forget about
it. In other words, if you don't know what it is and does, you don't need to
know at this point, just set it up the way shown and it will work


ABUSIVE PATH TRAPPING SETUP, follow the steps below:

6. (In UI-View32) Setup > Digipeater Setup

Notice how the items in the setup box have changed. (TRACEn-n is missing,

Now, make the following settings/changes:

Enable Digi: checked
UI-Only: checked
Alias Substitution: checked
IAn-n: checked (yours will be ILn-n if in Illinois, WYn-n if in Wyoming,
WIDEn-n: checked
SubAlias: N0AN (use YOUR aprs callsign here)
Dupe Secs: 15  (or whatever you are currently using)

get the pattern, keep typing until you have every element you want to trap
in your string, comma separated, no spaces.

Use this pattern for the ranges I show below that are being trapped. (N0AN
is in the list because it's the call of my aprs station, be sure to use your
call here and NOT N0AN)

All in the same box, just keep typing, it appears to allow a very high
number of entries. I summarize below what is being trapped: (and what you
have to type into the Alias(es) box)

WIDE7-7 through WIDE7-2 (This means 6 items, don't just type in "through")
WIDE6-6 through WIDE6-2 (This means 5 items or separate entries)
WIDE5-5 through WIDE5-2 (This means 4 items or separate entries)

(Comma separated items, no spaces!)

Notice that dumb WIDE is no longer in the Alias list. Dumb WIDE and TRACEn-n
are no longer supported in the new paradigm. RELAY is still supported.

Now, save your changes by hitting OK. You're done.

Also, you may not want to trap as much as we do in our area, if not, just
adjust  the items to your liking. Most everyone will trap WIDE7-7 down
through WIDE5-5, unless you're in New Mexico <vbg>

What do these alias changes do?

Anything showing up in the alias list is digipeated ONE TIME, with callsign
substitution and it STOPS RIGHT THERE, no decrementing, zippo. It's TRAPPED.
So if you see a packet WIDE7-6, you will digi it ONCE, but it will not go
out n-n any more, just a simple non-duplicating, one hop and it's dead.
That's why this is called "trapping".

The combination of editing uiview32.ini and entering aliases now makes
ui-view32 compliant with the new WIDEn-n paradigm and Abusive Path Trapping.

I hope those who had the same questions I did while this constantly changing
discussion was going on will find the information useful in setting up
UI-View32 as a smart digi, compliant with the new WIDEn-n and Abusive Path
Trapping paradigm.

In Iowa, the recommended paths for USERS are:

Mobiles: RELAY,WIDE2-2

Home Stations: WIDE2-2

This is compliant with the new national standard and all our digi's will
work perfectly with the above settings. Notice: do not use dumb WIDE or
TRACEn-n, neither will be supported (in the near future). We are in the
process of changing all our UI-DIGI sites and Kantronics TNC's (used as
stand-alone digis) so they comply with the new standard. (dumb wide means
"WIDE", WIDE2-2 is called "smart wide" So, WIDEn-n is "smart" and WIDE is


hasan, N0AN

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> Hasan
> Do you mean UIDIGI or UIView32?  The question was for UIDIGI, however I am 
> interested in both.  Could you please give us your MSG# as the search in 
> Yahoo Groups is awful!  And which group?
> Ron, N5IN
> hasan schiers wrote:
>> Go the the UI-View32 mailing list page at Yahoo (the groups area). You 
>> will find an article explaining it "by the numbers". I wrote it.
>> 73,
>> ...hasan, N0AN
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>> settingsfor ui-digi
>>> Can anyone point me to a web page that will show settings for ui-digi to 
>>> set
>>> it up properly to use the new wide-n scheme?
>>> Brian, N2KGC
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>>> Subject: [aprssig] how to implement 'No more relay' for dummies
>>> Short and to the point (I hope)....  I know some of these threads get
>>> long and people begin to glaze over... here is the summary:
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> If you are a home station....
>>> and you use a real TNC in serial mode Change the TNC parameter MYA from
>>> RELAY to WIDE1-1
>>> or you use UI-View with a TNC in KISS mode, simply remove RELAY as a
>>> supported alias and replace it with WIDE1-1.
>>> or you use WINAPRS, change your TNC startup file and replace MYA RELAY
>>> to MYA WIDE1-1 .
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> If you are a mobile station....
>>> change your outbound path to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 or WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2
>>> WIDE2-2 will work everywhere, but you'll loose the ability to bounce
>>> packets off someone's house when you are in the boonies.
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> If you are a digi owner...
>>> you don't have to do anything!
>>> After a transition period, you may wish to drop the word RELAY from your
>>> UIDIGI list.
>>> Wes
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