[aprssig] Simplified New n-N for Users

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Apr 6 14:16:17 EDT 2005

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> But if it was up to me, here is what I would like the universal
> APRS recommandations to be:
> 1)  RELAY, WIDE, TRACE, TRACEn-N and SS are
>      obsolete and are being phased out. Use at ur own risk.
> 2)  Use WIDE2-2 for fixed stations
>      Use WIDE3-3 for fixed stations 2 hops or more from big cities.
> 3)  WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 for 2 hop mobiles in dense areas
>      WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 for 3 hop mobiles in remote rural areas
> 3)  SS1-1,SSn-N for selected non-routine State or Section
>      nets or when human operators are present for large
>      area emergent needs.
> A)  Never use WIDE1-1 beyond the first hop

How about adding something like: "(Replace with WIDE2-1 for 2nd or
later hops)"?

> B)  Never use anything other than WIDEn-N on a Balloon
>       or aircraft with altitude.  N=2 should work well.
> And in my mind, everything above will "work" now except
> for the SSn-N which wont work until the digis are re-configured.
> but all the other receommendations can be used by users
> immediately, though performance will not be up to snuff until
> we get the RELAY digis' changed to WIDE1-1 digis...

As a test, two of the three relay stations which normally give me a
boost during my commute have changed to digi "wide1-1".  Works great
with my mobile set up as "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2".  It seems to be
generating fewer packets on our network, but the track looks about
the same on the map screen.

> But Wes's mistake which started this thread was wording
> his message to imply that all home stations to be WIDE1-1's.
> When I am sure he meant only for those home stations that
> are well situated and are actually needed as WIDE1-1 digis.
> The last thing we want is for all these home stations to
> be setting WIDE1-1 and then generating QRM for every
> mobile that drives by when it is not needed.

Xastir has been changed so that it is now happy with a setting of
"WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2".  It used to issue a warning when you tried to set
that path on an interface.

Later today Xastir will be capable of being a dual RELAY/WIDE1-1
digi with callsign substitution.  Both of these will be needed
during the transition period, but RELAY DIGIPEATING is off by

Question:  Do we want callsign substitution in this case?  It'll
look like more types of packets on the air that way.  I think it's
nice to be able to see who's first digipeating a packet.  The
has-been-digipeated bit will be set at that point, so nothing should
digi using that particular callsign slot again.

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