[aprssig] Simplified New n-N for Users

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 6 13:45:33 EDT 2005

>>> Ron Stordahl <ron.stordahl at digikey.com>  >>>
>Point 1 confuses me.  I thought with all the hoopla about 
>replacing RELAY with WIDE1-1, that you would suggest:
>1.  Use WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 for 2 hops, WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 
>for 3 hops and WIDE1-1,WIDE3-3 for 4 hops (for those with 
>asbestos underwear!

Well, yes,  I was just dumbing it down to respond to Phil's
and other's concerns that it was "too hard for people to
understand".   So I dumbed it down to just WIDE2-2.  If
they want to learn more, and how to "optimize" their operation
then presumably they might be smart enough to read and can 
go to a web page (mine needs more work for use by
users only)...(But I will update it as soon as we can all
agree what the universal receommendation should be).

But if it was up to me, here is what I would like the universal
APRS recommandations to be:

     obsolete and are being phased out. Use at ur own risk.

2)  Use WIDE2-2 for fixed stations 
     Use WIDE3-3 for fixed stations 2 hops or more from big cities.

3)  WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 for 2 hop mobiles in dense areas
     WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 for 3 hop mobiles in remote rural areas

3)  SS1-1,SSn-N for selected non-routine State or Section
     nets or when human operators are present for large
     area emergent needs.

A)  Never use WIDE1-1 beyond the first hop
B)  Never use anything other than WIDEn-N on a Balloon
      or aircraft with altitude.  N=2 should work well.

And in my mind, everything above will "work" now except
for the SSn-N which wont work until the digis are re-configured.
but all the other receommendations can be used by users
immediately, though performance will not be up to snuff until
we get the RELAY digis' changed to WIDE1-1 digis...

But Wes's mistake which started this thread was wording 
his message to imply that all home stations to be WIDE1-1's.  
When I am sure he meant only for those home stations that 
are well situated and are actually needed as WIDE1-1 digis.
The last thing we want is for all these home stations to
be setting WIDE1-1 and then generating QRM for every
mobile that drives by when it is not needed.

And the other part of this "mine field" is how easy it is for any
home station with UIview to become all kinds of digipeating
when in fact, in the USA we probably don't want anyone to
be a digi, unless there is a clear, and well designed and 
thoughtout need for it...

Bob, Wb4APR

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Thanks Cap.  Here is another wording:
>1.  Use WIDEn-N with appropriate N for your area.  Usually 2.
>2.  The old WIDE, TRACE, SS and TRACEn-N paths are 
>     obsolete and support is being eliminated across the USA
>3.  Use of RELAY at the start of mobile paths will be 
>    discouraged in some areas where it may be replaced with 
>    WIDE1-1 where needed to reduce dupes.
>4.  Never use anything other than WIDEn-N (probably 2) for
>     balloons or any aircraft at altitude
>5.  Do NOT set up your home station as a digipeater unless
>     it is truely needed and only after thorough understanding
>     of the fix14439.html web page.
>6.  For more info google for "fix14439.html"
>Does that cover it for users?
>de WB4APR, Bob
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