[aprssig] Simplified New n-N for Users

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 6 09:54:53 EDT 2005

Thanks Cap.  Here is another wording:


1.  Use WIDEn-N with appropriate N for your area.  Usually 2.

2.  The old WIDE, TRACE, SS and TRACEn-N paths are 
     obsolete and support is being eliminated across the USA

3.  Use of RELAY at the start of mobile paths will be 
    discouraged in some areas where it may be replaced with 
    WIDE1-1 where needed to reduce dupes.

4.  Never use anything other than WIDEn-N (probably 2) for
     balloons or any aircraft at altitude

5.  Do NOT set up your home station as a digipeater unless
     it is truely needed and only after thorough understanding
     of the fix14439.html web page.

6.  For more info google for "fix14439.html"

Does that cover it for users?
de WB4APR, Bob

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