[aprssig] Update my Digi

aa3jy at winlink.org aa3jy at winlink.org
Wed Apr 6 09:52:20 EDT 2005

Ok..ok..getting enough hints from variuos sources (peer pressure and unwanted emails, etc.) to update/change my parimeters of my (-4) digi..and by the way this digi has been working with out a hic-up on a body of water(Chesapeake Bay)with out a hic-up. Received all kinds of praise,by local users, in the past..now getting message(s) from a certain 'high profile' individual in the Annapolis area..I'll keep his name nameless on here..that my digi is on the 'Bad Boy' list.

After reading all the past recommendations of resetting the parameters of a digi..I'm thourly confussed.. So have we settled finally on what parameters is needed?? Or dod I have to travel back again in the near future to change it again..and please don't mention RF sysop codes capability..I have my reasons why I dont do that...

Clay AA3JY
(A confussed digi sysop)

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