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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 5 14:02:02 EDT 2005

>>> kg6jve at pasadena.net 4/5/05 1:04:10 PM >>>
>IMHO There is no point in posting  speeds...and most accidents.
>Freeways are slow .... this is the "normal" pattern.

Yes, the way it is done now, is that only speeds below a
set point are triggered and only at specified "choke" 
points located "before" where you normally expect a
backup.  THus, normaly slow traffic where you expect it
does not trigger.  Only unusually longer backups that
back up to where it is unusual will trigger it.

That is the difference between the APRStfc version and
the UIview add on.  APRSdos forces you to identify
those "unusual points" not just pick an intersection and
get speed before, after and through and anywhere
around the intersction.  The UIview add on allows you
to do that too, but it also allows the uninformed users to
just click here to add an intersection and it then is
vulnerable to all the wrong information that can be generated.

Or at least that is the way it was the last time I looked at it.
I am not criticizing the software, just how it can be messed
up by a user without fully understanding what he is doing.

And I agree.  If one can get this data onlline, then yes,
injecting it into the APRS-IS is the way to get it out
to where it is needed by proper IGate set up.


I'd like to see "abnormal" incidents in RF APRS. Road closures and
severe incidents that are out of the normal pattern would be very



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> I can see that incident data from CHP and other areas would 
> be interesting.
> I'm not sure that APRS really wants to get all the speed data -
> are a couple thousand loop sensors in the SF bay area, and they are
> sampled and reported every 30 seconds. That's a lot of QRM. 

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