[aprssig] Question about the new STANDARD

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Sat Apr 2 18:51:12 EST 2005

I think this question is not so much about the changes in the network
being proposed, but more about day to day operation.

If your home station's outbound path was W2-2, why not keep it that
way?  The changes only affect mobile stations since they are the only
ones supposed to use RELAY (now WIDE1-1).

If you want to get out one tier, use k4rok-10 as your path, or WIDE2-1.
If you want to get out two tiers, use k4rok-10, WIDE2-1 as your path, or
generically WIDE2-2.

Home stations should never use WIDE1-1 in any portion of their path,
no one should use WIDE1-1 after the first hop.

Hope this is a help.

John Johnson wrote:

> If I run WIDE2-2 at my house I can get into KB4TOH-10, K4ROK-10 and
> from time to time KD4PBS-3. So if I run WIDE2-2 all three digis can
> hear me so I would be creating QRM to the network. Somebody correct me
> if I am wrong. SO should I run K4ROK-10,WIDE2-2 or K4ROK-10,WIDE2-1? I
> think one of these would be better than just WIDE2-2. What I am
> getting to is if you can be heard by multiple digis should the user
> run their local digi as the first hop and then WIDE2-2 or WIDE2-1 OR
> WIDE1-1? I think if we put this in the new standard then we can add
> even more bandwidth for the network.
> Comments
> John Johnson
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