[aprssig] Persist and Slottime for Digi?

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sat Apr 2 13:56:30 EST 2005

Greg Noneman schreef:
> You didn't mention what type of TNC you were using.  For TNC2 units 
> (including UIDIGI firmware), if PPERSIST is ON, than PERSIST should be 
> set to 255 and SLOTTIME should be set to 0. DWAIT should also be set to 
> 0.   For KPC 3 units, the same applies, but the more relevant parameter 
> is UIDWAIT, which must be set to OFF.  A UIDWAIT setting of OFF disables 
> and any delays (DWAIT, SLOTTIME) for packets covered by the UIDIGI, 

PERSIST/Slottime setting also applies to KISS (there are KISS frames for 
setting these).

Setting on linux depends on the kind of hardware, for kiss for example you 
have "kissparms", for BayCom/BayPac "sethdlc", for YAM modem "yamcfg" etc.

For users of DIGI_NED under DOS, the settings are in AX25_MAC.INI but I 
changed the default settings as I deliver them in the package to 255/0 a 
few releases ago.

I think with AGWPE there is a problem, I don't think you can influence the 
channel access parameters since AGWPE manages them. This is from memory, I 
may be wrong.

Beware when using a Kenwood TNC (maybe also Alico?). When using 
PPERSIST=ON or KISS then beware that PERSIST=255 completely shuts down 
transmission, instead PERSIST should be set to 0 (Kenwood/Tasco 
implemented it the wrong way arround). When you use DIGI_NED with TNC type 
THD7 then AX25_MAC makes the correction for you so you can still set 255 
in the ax25_mac.ini file.

Kind regards,


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