[aprssig] Why RELAY,WIDE... is so bad....

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Fri Apr 1 11:48:02 EST 2005

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, n1iic Jason Greene wrote:

> It seems that that changing all the possibly digipeating stations to wide is
> a good idea, but I see a problem with home boxes would make a mess of the
> network, especially when there are KPC-3 digi's in the area.
> Would it be possible to write an alogorithm into the home software that
> looks at the symbol of the stations, and secondly looks at the amount of
> traffic through a station that does not have a digi symbol to distinguish
> between a digi or not? This would allow the software to learn who is a digi
> and to not repeat the WideN-n packets coming from that station. This would
> allow the home boxes to digi amongst themselves until it makes a real wide.
> I live in a rural area, and I drove tractor trailer in REALLY rural areas,
> so having home stations digipeating is imperative. Finding the correct
> solution is just as imperative.

Yea, I live in a rural area, and do SAR in even more rural areas, so
I have a strong need for extra "help" up to the mountaintops.

If we used "myalias wide1-1" on the house digi's, and set our mobile
paths to "wide1-1,wide2-2", that would help.

If we tweaked the client software so that it would have a small dupe
queue, delay digi'ing a bit and then check whether a packet had
already been digi'd before trying to digi it themselves, it would
improve the network a lot.  Xastir has a similar scheme for igating
packets to RF, but not for digipeating.  It could be added, or we
could rely on digi_ned for that sort of functionality.

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