[aprssig] Wind distribution graphs

Monty Wilson jwilson at ncfcomm.com
Mon Nov 29 21:18:34 EST 2004

Hi Steve,

Hope you are healing well.

I like what you have been doing to find-u with the new cgi's.

The new wind distribution graph is certainly interesting and it is a
different way of displaying the wind data.  My assumption is the length of
each of the lines is velocity and the direction is determined by where in
the circle (OK....square) it is.  I would think the short term graph
provides relevant data.  The longer term data is interesting, but to doesn't
show any "trending", but just direction and force over a given time period.
In my opinion I think trending information from the line graph in
conjunction with the short term wind distribution provides the most useful

By the way, I like the lighter (12 hour) lines on the graphs.  Don't
remember seeing those before.

Keep up the good work.  It is always a nice surprise to see what you have
come up with.

Monty Wilson
jwilson at ncfcomm.com

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I haven't gotten a lot of comments about the new wind distribution graph on
wxpage.cgi. After playing with it a bit, the distribution on the length of
history people generally view wxpage seems less than useful. It seems a lot
interesting on shorter periods. Therefore I've added a second instance on
page, hardwired at 2 hours. 

In other words, one distribution is for the length of time (generally days)
covered by the other graphs, the second covers the last two hours.

Feedback welcome...

Steve K4HG

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